ALL ABILITIES DRAWING COURSE. Minimum 6 students - Maximum 12 students. The drawing class runs for 3 hrs from 9:30 am-12.30 pm. Day is Monday Each class is $59 so the total for the four weeks is $236. Embark on a journey into DRAWING with our instructional Drawing Class.You will gain confidence in your approach to drawing and inspiration to explore further, through individual attention from the tutor as well as plenty of hands-on exercises and practice. And all in a fun, safe and friendly environment! Classes rotate through four focused topics: WEEK 1 - INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING 1. You will learn about creating marks, shapes, and lines to form images. 2. You will be introduced to different drawing materials and mediums. 3. Learn how to create texture with varied drawing processes. 4. Learn how to create and use tone to create dark and light areas. 5. Putting these theories into practice through a series of drawing exercises. WEEK 2 - LANDSCAPES 1. Learn about the characteristics of a landscape and creating the composition. 2. Learn how to balance elements and build proportion. 3. You will learn how to create perspective within your artwork. 4. Putting all this together to create a landscape. WEEK 3 - STILL LIFE 1. Learn to use a variety of techniques to create movement in your artwork. 2. You will learn how to use and define space within your piece. 3. Learn to use shading and tones to generate rhythm. 4. Putting all of this together to create a lovely still life. WEEK 4 - PEOPLE AND FIGURES 1. Learning how to draw various anatomical elements of the human form. 2. Learning how to build structure and apply perspective. 3. You will learn how shadows and highlights to enhance characteristics. 4. Putting all of this together to create a lovely portrait. WHAT IS PROVIDED: *A4 size drawing paper *Graphite pencils *Erasers, sharpeners, and rulers. You are also welcome to bring any of your own materials if you have them. To ensure a vibrant experience, we need a minimum of 6 participants. Contact us to learn all the specifics and to secure your spot. Feel free to share the creative joy – why not bring a friend along for double the fun? We can't wait to explore the ins and outs of drawing with you! After completing this course you will have mastered the basic skills to take your drawing to the next level in the 'All Levels Drawing and Painting Course.'

  • Category: Art Class
  • Duration: 03:00 Hours
  • Address: 311 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay NSW, Australia (Map)